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The mountains of Tul

Mae govannen! Please enjoy your stay :heart:

:sun: ABOUT ME :sun:

:bulletorange:name: Mona,
:bulletyellow:age: 17
:bulletgreen:residence: Germany, Bavaria
:bulletpurple:tools: watercolours, pencil, PaintToolSAI, Aiptek tablet,
coloured pencil, ink
:bulletred:interests: anime & manga, literature, Japan, music, languages,
gaming, volleyball, swimming, almost any kind of art
and about a hundred other things







:bulletorange:e-mail contact:


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Journal Entry: Sat Feb 28, 2015, 1:31 PM

Rules are for the weak, I'm a free bird!Rin Matsuoka (Victory) [V1] 

No, srsly, I'm simply too lazy for tagging.

Tagged by :iconeloylie:

Questions to me:

1. Why do you watch me, why not better artists for there are many around here?

At first I was watching you because I was curious about you as a person, but I continue watching you since I love seeing your art improve all the time!

2. Do you believe in the supernatrual?

I wish I could, like, really believe in it. That would be awesome. But I can't do it. I'll just hang on to my irrational hope that you can't really rule it out for good and someday I will return to my sidhe parents.

3. Do you think timetravel is a thing someday?

Not unless there's a monolith involved. /ok, who even gets this

4. Do you like Gravity Falls?

Haven't seen it, not sure if I will. But I do like all the fanart people make.

5. Would you like to see an animated series which is rather short or read a comic which is rather long? Where do you think the character come out best?

I don't care. If it's well executed and the pace fits the length of the work, I'm ok with anything. Characters come out as good as you make them, I don't think that has anything to do with the length of anything. I've seen amazing characters in 15-page stories and I've seen things that were hella long and I don't remember a single character.

6. Do you really have a life goal or do you just live around the same routine everyday?

half/half I'd say. My "dream" is somehow mushy and really far out of reach atm. So I live my daily routine and try to find out what I really want to do, while I steer, like, in the general direction of it.

7. What do you think of the german health system? (Its insurances which are for everyone, like Obamacare a bit.)

I like it. It has quite a few flaws, but considerably less than most other health care systems I've heard of.

8. How many languages can you speak?

Well, German and a hint of Bavarian (that's not a language, technically, but it feels like one often).
I can read and translate Ancient greek and Latin if you give me a dictionary and a lot of time.
I like to think I can speak English really well and it's like second nature to me (even though it' probably not), and I can speak and understand some bits of Japanese.
Since I know Latin and Greek, I can understand a little bit of Italian, French, Greek and Spanish if I really want to.
I'd love to know more languages, like Swedish or Welsh, but I don't have enough self-control to learn them 'D

9. Do you think school is hard to manage or do you think that everyone can be good at it, by just learning much?

School is hard, or more like demanding to manage as long as you want to be good at it. From a "personal ability" point of view, I'd say everyone can be good at it. But considering how much influence the social environment and the judgement of other have on people's ability to learn, No.

10. What would you like to study/work if you could choose freely without any barriers?

Let's be honest: everything. If it wasn't for my brain shutting down when I try to, I'd study chemics, physics, geology, archeology, biology or marketing. if it wasn't for my dislike of certain groups of people, I'd study psychology, philosophy or become a teacher. If I didn't get cramps at the thought of illness and wounds, I'd go for medicine. If I wasn't afraid of so many things, I'd become a carpenter, a locksmith, a cook, a farmer or a clockmaker. If it wasn't for reality I'd rise to power in the fairy kingdom.
Really, I'd love to do all of those things.
But I guess I'm gonna and up as an artist, editor/publisher or a translator. And that sounds just as awesome to me, somehow :>

Ten Facts about me:

1. I love anime, manga, video games and comics. I'd spend my whole life on them if I could.

2. I can't seem to get ASMR, but I like listening to it and watching it anyway.

3. I have a sixth sense for hidden candy.

4. I have adapted many narcisstic presonality disorder traits from a parent. Control issues, selfcenteredness, self-sabotage and all that jazz. I'm trying to treat them atm and see if I can get rid of them by myself since the thought of having them forever is painful. I often wonder if people notice them on me.

5. Wild animals and plants are the most beautiful things.

6. I strive for perfection *laughs*

7. I have recently learned to draw beautiful sparkling butts in less than half a minute. Now I can draw them on all the possessions of a certain friend of mine.

8. I'll most likely finish school this year. My plans for afterwards are not all that clear yet, though.

9. I love comedy, but I'm somewhat picky.

10. Alcohol and real black coffe taste like crap to me (metaphorically speaking)

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